Monday, April 30, 2007


Well where should I begin. How about the airport yea thats sound good the airport. It started out ok we arived at the airport an hour befor my flight was schuled to depart. After the bags were checked in I walked with my eldist arround the airport in about a minute we were back were we started. :) Got to love small airports no big lines and they let your family wate by the gate untill you half to bord. Littel did I know that my hardest thing about this job would be happing when I tried to leave. As I approched the gate my eldist d.d. began to screem "I want to go with dady on a air plain!" of corse hearing her scream that it broke my heart. Looking back at my wife holding bolth of my d.d. (all of them ether crying or close to it) I realy began to wonder if this job was worth it(it's not by the way). But it was a littel to late to back out now, so I had to do the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life up to that point and that was to walk away. Six o'clock roles arround and I find myself in Tuscon, AZ in a very nice hotel called the Amerasuites.

Traviling in Mexico, I do not recomend it ever I would gladly drive in Utah Tuscon anyday over Mexico. There left turn lane is in a crazy spot(numbering the lains going from right to left)lain 1 is the right turn or stright lane, lain 2 is the Left turn lain and lains 3 & 4 are stright only lains. On top of that there is a unspoken rule once the light turns green you better be half way through the intersection, or there will be some angry people and there not afraid to honk there horns and yell to let you know it I gess there trying to compete with Utah drivers :).

Some of the fun things that I have gone and done in Tuson, are going to see the Xasiver Mission, the one that has been in a lot of western movies. Aloung with all the shopping ther is a lot of thing to do however, everything cost so much that it is hard to afford to do anything. There is always relaxing by the pool all day and reading a book.

I had one major highlight that was when I came home yea.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I got a big kick out of this.