Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whirl wind

First off I want to say sorry for not posting lately. However, these last few weeks have turned out to be very busy. It all started with the week of finals I had one critical class that I needed to pass. Meaning that I was studying every chance the I could get. I did not find out what my grades were until Christmas eve. Which only increased my stress levels to the point of my pre test levels. I did pass all on my classes in case anyone was wondering. Also during finals week we needed to pack up our house and move. When we just barly finished moving into our new apartment the promised snow storm hit dumping about a foot of snow. Then it has been a struggle to maintain our health and unpack. For our hoidays we spent christmas at home thanks to the dangrous driving conditions. Our new year's eve we visited M's family and had butterfinger milkshakes. This break before school starts again has not felt like a break, it was more like a whirl wind of activity. To top it off just yesterday we paid our fees for the next semester that starts this coming Monday. Our goal is to be finished unpacking before school starts again.