Friday, May 25, 2007


Your Power Bird is a Cardinal

You believe that each day is precious, and you spend your times as best as you can.
You see the wonder in small things, and you are often content with what you have.
You life an interesting, colorful life - and you bring color to those around you.
Confident and expressive, you believe you know how to live a good life. You're living it!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Viva Mexico

Oh boy that about sumes it up, this trip marks the first time that I was relied on as a one of the two drivers for the group. They did not wast time breaking me in on the first day where I had to take over and lead driver in our carivan(oh boy)we had to follow a true Mexican driver in to the heart of downtown Nogales. In Mexico the streat are very tinny but that will not slow down the drivers and the people who walk arround do not wait for cars to stop suprisingly they do not have that many accadents. However, on the bright side we got to enjoy some true Mexican shopping all you half to do is show your intrested in the item and then the fun begins. Step two is to ask the price and never never never say ok and take the price. All you half to do is say too much and walk away do not worry they will not let a sail go they will follow you and make a better offer. It has been realy fun to barter down the price of things and get a good deal on suverners. How ever the only suviner that I want is a magnet that has Mexico printed on it I have yet to find such a magnet. In fact I was toled that magnets were not in season right now, I almost laughed and said when is the season for magnets. :) There is one thing that I do want to get for my girls that would be a littel gutair with real gutair strings and painted pink. They are so cute and I know that my girls would love to have them so we will see if I can get a good deal on them.

On our weekends in Tuscon my groupe usualy will go and do landury eat and suprise suprise go shoping. It is reducluse how much these wemen will spend they were all burdend down with so much stuff (that they bought in Mexico and Tuscon) that they decided to ship it home. There shoping in Mexico saved them a lot of money and there are very happy about that however, it cost one person 190.00 to send it all home and another only 40. So lesson is, not to purchase more that you heve room for in your luggage.

Now about Tuscon, it hase verey thing and anything you could posably want the downside is that the city is very spred out it could take up to 30 minuets ot get from your house to the store you want. But it dose have some cool attractions one I realy want to go to is call the PIMA air space musiem. There is the largest missel cylo called Titan Missile museum, and the air feild were they store all the plains awating repair called amarc( Aerospace Maintenance and regeneration Center. You get a gided toure of all of this for 25 dollars which is very good concidering the massive size of the musiem, In fact it is the third largest museum in the usa, and the feild where they store the plains is redcoulsely huge it takes 15 miniutes to drive arround it going about 40 mph and that is just one side. There is also a cave that sounds like it would be alot of fun to go and see.

All and all if I cut out the work part of my trips my wife would be right it is a vaction. How every work is trying to mess over as many people as they can by shorting everyones hours. That is one thing that I do not understand, Terry (my lead) had kept a very good writen record of everyones hours in fact they have started maken her type it up in excell. Even with that they will still not pay for everyones hours that they put in working at the plant. I can understand not paying us if were did not work but those were acutaly worked hours that they cut. One of the reasons I came down to Mexico was for all the extra over time which im not getting becouse im the only one who stays on nights. How ever that has changed now that Jason wants to go to nights to avoid the drama that is going on during the day shift.

whell more latter