Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just To Prove A Point...

In reference to the previous post or "my search for my windmill" as a good friend compared it to I was visiting the church web site and saw this little tidbit.
I was unable to post the youtube video here because of a sizing issue but here is the link to view it.
Now that this subject is on my mind I keep running into the same phrase "What Matters Most."  Just the other day my girls were watching the vegie tails movie "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" I just happend to walkn into the room when one of the charicters said somting the struck me as intresting.  "Sometimes a test helpes us decide what matters most" here is a clip so you can see what I was talking about.  Then just this evening when I was at the presthood sesion of general confrance (which was very very good) more of the same advice was given.  Now all I have to do is apply it.  My quest for the windmills is on thanks to all of the advice I have recived.