Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As the Years Pass

This year marks my ten year high school reunion; yes, I graduated in 1998.  But what is amazing to me is that every now and again I will run into an old friend form school.  For a few moments I find myself stunned to see someone form that time era.  However, it never last long we get to talking and then discover what the other has been doing for the past few years.  Then it occurs to me there was another group of people that I was close to for two years then I left them behind.  For that group it has been eight years since I saw anyone or even spoken to anyone form there.  Just the other day I went to the web site where everyone post their information, and I was shocked to see that few if any that I had know post anything.  Lately I have found myself thinking back on those times wanting to know just how each of my friend are doing and what they are doing.  As of yet I have never ran into anyone form there.  I do hope that changes.