Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Hobby

This last summer I picked up a new hobby one that can become very expensive.  I have discovered that I love to golf or at least pretend to golf.  It all started when one of my good friends invited me to join him and another friend for a game of golf.  Well I have played the game before and without much luck or enthusiasm to ever try again.  however I was persuaded to go one more time and found out that I really enjoyed it.  Especially when we reached the last hole where the green was specked with yellow autumn leafs.  If you know me I really enjoy the fall colors and weather.  Well after that game I was hooked and wanted to go again. So a few days later I went out an purchased my own set of clubs.  Now I have gone several times to the golf course and to the driving range and I'm improving every time that I go.  I even find myself wanting to go and hit a bucket of ball to relieve my pent up stress.  This is what my clubs look like.

dunlop clubs

dunlop golf clubs


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Car

Over the weekend My wife and I decided to go and check out our local auction and if we could purchase a second car.  Well our first two choices of cars went way over our spending limit.  However our third choice did not and we were able to purchase it.


This is what our new car is.  If you can not tell it is a Mitsubishi Eclipse.  It has been a very great blessing to finely have two vehicles we now can get earns done while the other is at school or work.  Plus it is very fun to drive. ;-)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Funny things that my girls have said to me

My wife and I decided one day to get a chore chart going for our children to get them motivated to do more around the house.  When we finely found one and started using it my eldest who was overly excited about the chart asked me "Daddy what's on my schedule for today?"

Lately my youngest has been in this fascination with Winnie the Pooh.  Well one day she was trying to get ready for the day and was having trouble putting her shirt on.  I was about ready to help her when she frustrated exclaimed "oh! bother".  Needles to say Winnie the Pooh has been shelved. :-)

Five things you might not know about me.

1.  I have taken and passed a foil fencing class.  My favorite part about that class was learning all the tricks that one can do with a foil.  Like throwing a sword to another fencer either by flipping the sword with ones foot or from the tip of the sword.  Then my personal favorite starts with the sword at ones side pointing to the ground then pressing the blade further toward the ground causing the blade to bend.  With the sword in this position the owner lets go and the sword will flip up and rotate 180 degrees.  This maneuver makes it possible to spring the sword up into the air landing in the owners hand ready to fight.  If done right one could add a little spin in place for artistic flair.

2.  I play the guitar, and I'm currently learning how to play the piano; however I do know one song and it is not the one that most people thinking of aka"chop sticks".  If you know me then you probably already know what song I'm referring to if not I wont spoil it for you.  I am also trying to learn how to play the violin, so that it will be the crown jewel of my musical accomplishments when I have learned that instrument. 

3.  My Major in Collage is Geology with and emphasis in planetary geology.  I will graduate with two minors one is in business and the other is in G.I.S technology.  I have been hoping to double major, but I have yet to find one that will work in my schedule.  One of my goals in life has been to graduate with a doctorate in an field that I love to do.

4.  I love to fix things it does not matter if it is electrical, mechanical, wood working, including anything that breaks around the house.  I'm not very good when it things get too technical but I can hold my own. ;)

5.  I love to golf.  My best drive to date has been over 225 yard.  Now that might not seem like a lot but I just started golfing in July of this year.  Technically I have only played 6 games of golf (9 holes each) in my life 4 of those games were this summer.  I have gone to the driving range 4 times in my life and they all were this summer.  My average score per game is a 58.  Not the greatest but not bad for a beginner.

Now it is your turn list five things that people might not know about yourself on your blog and leave a comment here.

This post was inspired by my wife.