Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have always been a big fan of guitar music as well as learning different songs to play on the guitar. I have recently stumbled upon two You Tube videos that astound me so I thought I would share. I wish that I could play like this (maybe if I try hard enough).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Super Who?

Just the other day I was trying to catch up on some blog post that I have been neglecting to read when I spotted one that called me to action.  I found my self glued the the computer following the links to an amazingly entertaining site.  It was at this web site that I spent a good hour of my time turning myself into a superhero.  After nine try's to get the one that I liked and felt that matched me (well almost my muscles are Bigger ;).... ok not really) the best.  Now for your enjoyment here is the Fearless Caped Fighter.

MyHero (10)

You can like me spend some time and make a superhero of yourself at The Hero Factory.

Just for fun I thought I would share with you some others I created before I found my hero.

First off there was the Courageous Masked Hero.MyHero (1)  

Next came the Courageous Masked Knight.











Followed by the Strange Caped Jedi.MyHero(11)










Which lead to several others that started to look alike but with different color outfits, hair, and capes or even no capes like.

For example The Incredible Bearded Superior was the second to last one I did and the one I would have gone with.  MyHero (9) 










Go have some fun create your own super hero.

Wii Have Advanced Into the 21 Century

I can still remember the Christmas when our family gift was a Nintendo Entertainment System.  We had the original Mario brothers game that included duck hunt.  We as a family spent hours playing those games.  However, my favorite memory is the one of my oldest sister playing mario brothers.  If the Wii had been invented back then her movements would have defiantly aided mario jumping the chasm or enemy.  Watching my sister send shock waves to the gaming system through the remote's cord every time she needed to jump always made me chuckle.  Maybe that is why I did not see her playing it much after that.  WII_DETAIL However, Now that there is a gaming system that uses those motions to interact with the games I think she would do really well.