Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Fun

Even though the Autumn season started a wile ago It was not until yesterday that our tree out front started to drop it's leafs.  Our sidewalk, grass, and car was covered in a thick layer of leafs.  We decides to take advantage of the new fallen leafs by gartering them up into a large pile and jump in them.  M and I have never played like this in the leafs so what a perfect time to start and share what we missed out on growing up and make sure that our girls have a good memories.  We jumped in piles of leaf tossed had full of leafs into the air and took lots of pictures.  It turned out to be a good opportunity to grow closer as a family.    


For our anniversary M and I gave each other the books that we have been wanting for awhile.  M's book is "Inside every woman" and mine is "Brisingr" along with the preceding two books.  Latter that evening we went to a trunk or treat in our old ward.  All of our neighbors are in that ward while M and I are in a different ward of our choosing.  The event was enjoyable and entertaining.  Plus the girls were having a ball playing games and receiving candy.  The girls, M, and I had a great time.  For our family costume we decided to go as a set of Lego's.  We used cardboard boxes and plastic cups that we spray painted.  To attach the cups we cut out holes, in the front of the box, that were just smaller than the cup so we could insert the cups snugly.  I was the blue Lego M was the red Lego J was the purple Lego and A was the pink Lego.


When we came home we decided to use our circular cutouts to "spot" our neighbors door.  Before we had a chance to take a snapshot of our handy work we were interrupted by a car screeching to a halt right out front of our house.  For about ten seconds all I could see was clouds of blue smoke wafting into the head light beams of the car.  M on the other hand saw the whole thing happen the little girl wanting her mommy then running out into the street after her only to be hit by the car.  I have never been so close to an accident like that before M took off running to the girl almost instantly while I stood in unbelief not completely knowing what had just happened.  Luckily the little girls was not injured even though she was knocked down. Needless to say we ended our anniversary on a very sobering note.  We did get a picture of the door though and had a little fun with our neighbors before the day was over.  The note says "You've been spotted!"  DSCF2540

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Six years ago at 10:30 I was blessed with the companionship of the most wonderful person in the world.  I just wanted to post a little about her.  My nick name for her is "M".  She has been the driving force behind me to get back into school.  On top of that she is an wonderful example for how to be a good parent, student, and friend.  Today she let me sleep in until I needed to go into work, and brought me breakfast in bed.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I love her and thank her for all she had done for me.  I love you M.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Did you know!

My CIS teacher showed us this clip of information and I thought it had a lot of amazing information. So I decided to share it with everyone.  The First one is the one my teacher showed my class just follow the link bellow.  The second one is one I found online and it almost shows the same information.

1.  Click on the link bellow to view it.


2.  Click on the play button to view it.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Yesterday I had a presentation due in my biology lab.  My group decided to find information on amphibians to present.  Well I was chosen to create the power point while everyone else would send me the important points of there parts.  Well It did not turn out that way.  What happened was one person sent me information that I could not open because it was corrupt.  The second one sent me information but not in the format that would have helped me make the presentation.  So not only did I have to create the power point but I had to sift through all the information and find the key points to present.  I did not mind much until I realized that I had forgotten and missed the dead line for an online quiz because I was spending so much time on the presentation.  Then I was not very happy good thing that my grad could take the hit and not be effected by it too much.  But it was not only my quiz that I missed but study time for a math test.  My math class is one that I'm struggling in and I know that it is my fault for letting it go and not worrying about it.  It just never seem like there is enough time in the day for everything that I need to do.  Lately it feels like I start something and the next minuet it is 1 a.m. and I'm no were near being done or understanding what I'm studding.  I think that I have a learning block or something I just can not grasp things very quickly and it is not limited to math and biology but every class that I have taken (minus the P.E. ones) have turned out that way.  Questions that I should know the answer to I draw a complete blank even if we just went over the answer five seconds ago.  What could help me remember? 

 Why can't I remember?  That are the question I keep trying to find an answer to.

Here is a picture of an amphibian that I did my presentation on it is called a caecilian

Friday, October 3, 2008

Great Deals for Collage Students

Just this semester I learned about some great deals for collage students that I feel like I should pass along.  First off I have a Computer Information class and as part of the classes home page is this link.  It is a deal that Microsoft puts on for collage students.  You half to be a student with 0.5 credits and have a valid edu email address.  The deal is you can purchase the 700.00 dollar office suite which includes everything that Microsoft has made for the price of 59.95 dollars.  The site is called "The Ultimate Steal" and not only does it give collage students this great deal on office 2007 but several other deals on other software.  I will  post any other deals I come across and if you know of one and want to share the tip to other then just reply to this post and leave a link to the sight.