Thursday, December 11, 2008


For the next few days I will not be posting due to finals.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This post is very late but I kept forgetting to post about my trip to Lagoon. rattlesnake1Just this last summer M and I along with two good friends went to Lagoon for a long over due day of fun for ourselves. First off we went on the Rattle Snake Rapids several times well before the day became hot to avoid the crowed. We did not stop riding it until each member of our group was drenched. It was my favorite ride when they first put it in several years ago and it still one of my favorite rides. A new feature of this ride is the the onlookers can drench the people who are on the ride. rattlesnake2But seeing how we went early to this ride that was not a problem for us. The only thing we forgot to do was put our money and tickets into a plastic bag to keep them from getting soaked. Right after this ride we chose to continue with the wet them and rode the log ride once. It was not even a question after that ride we were going to try and dry off using the roller coaster and other rides to supply the wind. tidalwave1 The tidal wave and the turn of the century were the ones we chose to attempt to sped up the drying process. Wet jeans just don't fit well. Well these two rides put M past her endurance and she became very sick. Even though she has been on them before and had a great time riding them this time it was too much and I think that she might not be able to go on rides again. Which was vary sad to say the least because we loved to go on rides together. cliffhanger1 The last time we went to Lagoon we had fun running from ride to ride and our favorite then was the Cliffhanger. So we took our friends over to it so we could show them what they had been missing. I love this ride, the seats are two rows that the operators can lock into position then rotate so the row is completely upside down twenty feet above the ground. To make it more interesting they shoot water up at the passengers. Only this time when I rode this ride I got a bloody nose from being held upside down too long. So even though it is a ride I enjoy I do not know if I can go on it again. spider1 To the left of this ride was the spider I have never been on this ride and did not care for what it looked like but our friends had and loved it so they encouraged me to ride it with them while M stayed on the sidelines while her sickness was going away. The Spider was a fun ride but it ranks up there with the wild mouse (which I hate and will never go on it again, However M likes the wild mouse) I would go on the Spider again but it would not be the first thing I would run to. wicked2 The one I would run too would be Wicked this ride is one I could ride on all day it only last about ten seconds but it is a blast. I have only seen a few pictures of rides that looked like this and even then I wanted to go on one. This is Lagoon's newest ride and was vary popular the lie took about twenty to thirty minutes to get through; however, it was well worth the wait. wicked1 I especially liked the sound effect of a rocket when the ride started signaling the take off up the vertical tower leading to a straight drop off. Just describing it makes me want to ride it again. M thought I was nuts to even want to go on a ride like this what can I say I must be a little nuts. It was very fun and I know M would have had a blast on it. There is one ride that M and I really enjoy it is the Top Eliminator this ride simulates real dragsters. It is position on tracks so that no one will crash but the control of the speed is all in the hands of the rider. Reaching speeds of 75 mph in less that 2.8 seconds to read more about it click hear. images We raced three times to see who could get the best time and with four cars to race it was perfect we all could race against one another. The picture is bad but you can get the Idea. Each of the rides we went on can be found at Lagoon's web site. Before we could call it a day we had to ride three more rides one of them was the white roller coaster (this is another ride the I do not like) it is Lagoon's legacy ride it is old and made out of wood. rollercoaster1 Not one that is smooth in the turns or the rises. Every time I ride it I'm very thankful to not have died. I know others enjoy it so I will not make it out to seem worse than it is. Every time I go to Lagoon I ride it but every time. Manly it is because someone in my group wants to try it out. Even after all of my attempts to convince other wise. It wont be until after the ride that I will hear that they should have taken my advice. Unlike the Wild Mouse I will ride the White Roller coaster just in case any one was wondering what the difference is between the two.rocket2 Next is also a new one that I have wanted to ride when it first was put in the park but M did not and even this trip would not ride it. The Rocket is a intense ride the like the name states stars off like a rocket. At about one hundred feet stops and drops back down to the starting platform. I thought for a second during this ride that I was going to die but just for a second other than that I enjoyed the comments from my friend as the ride took off. rocket1 I wish that I could remember exactly what he said but that is impossible for me to recall. Just the force form taking off make the restraints feel loose and like I could fall out. Then on the way down the seat feel like they disappeared because now I was falling faster than gravity could pull giving a weight less effect even though the ground was rushing toward me. bat After the Rocket we all rode on the Bat which is the only hanging ride that Lagoon has and we all enjoyed that ride even M who said she would enjoy riding it again. It was a mild ride but still very fun and I could enjoy riding it several times. After all of our rides were done we went around to the games and tried our luck at several different ones. M won on the Mini golf challenge, and we almost won several times at the classic bottle and ball game. The one we won at was the whack-a-mol game which is where we won a couple of care bears for our girls. The only bad part of our day was the driving in Utah. That is always going to be a sore spot for me.