Monday, June 4, 2007

A Break

Well I was given a very good gift from my boss just befor I came home this last time. That was to say that our groop did not half to come back to mexico for two weeks the best thing about that is if we go back down I will only have two week left untill my end date. However, He did say that if I could call him and tell him that im not going back and he wold take care of it. There reason for doing this is becous there upper managment beleves that they no longer need the support team around and that we are just in the way. So to test it and see how things will run without the support they decided to let us have a break. What is realy funny is that they have not ben able to run everything at top preformance and in fact there reject rate is sky high. Not to mention that not all the processes have been validated for production and there is no more inventory left. That means that as of now they are about 3 if not 4 weeks behind on most of there production durring there busiest time of the year. Oh well it's not my job to worry about it. :)

On that note im very ecited to be home with my girls and i have been loveing every minute of it. My wife and I broke down and got an eight person tent for camping so we are all ready for our vaction this summer. I hope that the girls will be ok this will be there first time sleeping in a tent and everything so it might not be as smooth as we are hopping. It still sound like fun.

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Michelle said...

I'm really happy we bought a big tent and for the price! I'm glad you're home for two weeks too. We like having you here with us. :)