Sunday, August 5, 2007

Game Night

Lately my wife and I have geen inviting friends over and playing games with them like Cranium, Clue the great Museum Caper. My favorit game is the last one it uses the classic charictors from the orignal clue game however, in this version it is a littel different. One person playing is the bad guy and the rest is are the charictors trying to find the bad guy and stop him or her from stilling all the art in the museum. This game is not in stors any more but it is the funest game that I have ever played. I like being the bad guy it is very tense trying to sneek arround and still all the paintings in the museum and not get caught. Another game that I like is Risk 2210 a verson of the game brought into the nucler erea with the addition of concering the Ochens and the Moon makes this game realy difficulet. What game are your favorit games?

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