Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Semester

It is official the fall semester starts next week, and it puts me one semester closer to the goal of graduation. We did have one last adventure before going back, and it took place in Yellowstone National Park. Growing up my family would go to Yellowstone at least one a year for a vacation I thought maybe I should continue that tradition with my family. I was shocked to discover that my wife of almost 7 years has only ever been to Old Faithful once and never camped in the park. With this camping trip I not only had two wide eyed girls but one in awe wife. It was cute to watch my children light up with each animal that came into view. To hear there little excited voices asking questions about Old Faithful, geysers, and any bug that came into view. Most of all it was entertaining to watch as my wife experienced more of Yellowstone for the first time. :)


Teachinfourth said...

Okay, Rich...that made me smile. I'm glad you're giving her these great experiences.

Leah said...

good Luck in school, and I am glad that you got in one last adventure! Take care!

Michelle said...

So what are you saying Jason? ;)

It was fun seeing the new places. Glad I could entertain you. lol