Thursday, June 9, 2011


When a new movie come out like "Tron legacy", "Transformers" or "Thor", I generally enjoy where the producers take the story line even if it is in a different direction than what I would have wanted. I try and not let plot twist and little mistakes about the movie distract me form enjoying it but some times I just cant help it. During these times it is good to know that someone out there has the talent to change the story. At "How it should have ended. com" has taken it upon himself to correct the mistakes in movies and tell them in a more logical way. here are a few that I like.

"Tron" Orignal


The new "Star Trek"


One of my favorites is "Twilight"

I love the comments and jokes they put in each movie.


Rhoda said...

amen! yes we love these, thanks for showing us this website! Hahah, we love it.

Michelle said...

LOL! I never get sick of these. :D

Mahan Dastgiri said...


panda said...

I still find the "How it should have ended" clips an excelent parodies of the mistakes movie makers skip in what they imediately belive that will become the next blockbuster

Caryl Farkas said...

Very funny

rhonda sanders said...

awesome videos