Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Features

I have discovered several new features that I can offer on my blog and I have added a few that I think will be beneficial for everyone including me. I'm only having one little problem and that is putting it all together in a visual appeasing manner that will allow them to be seen and used. So far I added another daily quote at the top of my blog, a new picture, a poll on random questions, a new blog buddies list titled double stuff (if you want to be added to that let me know who you are and I will add it), a followers link, What's up in the world breaking news, a subscribe to, a slide show, labels, New music, a music search, astronomy picture of the day, NASA picture of the day, Watch shows online, and a you tube slide show. How ever I need some opinions on what I should keep and where I should put it. I do not like clutter or random placed objects. However, If you think my site would do better off with out a specific item, perhaps I'm missing something, or should move it to a different spot let me know.

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