Saturday, September 5, 2009


Some times I find it hard to actual relax for the most part what I do to take a break has involved a move, watching t.v., or playing a game. Each time that I walk away form those activity's I'm anything but relaxed. It wasn't until recently that someone mentioned a way to tell if what your are doing is relaxing or not. I was surprised by the simplicity of the notion that I almost did not pay attention to it, but if it had not been for the start of another semester and a new calling on top of my teaching I would not have listened. With gratitude for thos that shared this message to me I now share this lesson or message with any who want simple key to relaxing. That key is a question to ask your self and the question is this if the activity that you are doing to relax (weather it is watching TV, or playing a game) if you can not walk away with a feeling of refreshment and readement for what is next then that activity it is the wrong thing for you to relax. For me I have found that guitar music help me relax, so I have noticed that my last guitar music post is now on the next page of my blog I thought it is time to post another sampiling of Andy McKee.

I enjoy this music and I hope that it help you relax and prepair for the rest of the day.

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Michelle said...

He has hair! LOL He's ok, but I prefer you more. :)