Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Matters Most?

Over the last few day a simple idea has been reappearing before me, it appeared within the sources for the talk I was asked to give and in the material for my other church lessons. All I can think about is that there is a very important message that I need to pickup on and seriously apply. Thinking back on my life there are several moments where I could have been doing better in my pre-collage education yet I chose to play and entertain myself. For those choice I have received my reward now I must make a choice, continue to goof off or buckle down and focuses on what matters most. It may seen like a simple decision to make but for me it is and has been very difficult. My study habits are (I admit) mediocre at best (however compared to High School there leaps and bounds better) my desire to work on my studying habits is almost nonexistent (any suggestion would be welcomed). I don't meant to sound like a complete slacker it is just that I have lost sight of what matters most to me and I an unsure about how to reestablish that focuses. It seem that others have a solid goal that is not easily forgotten and one that propels them though other non related classes. I would love to know a way for me to have the same drive I see in others when it comes to information/classes that I see no value in. I'm not trying to sound negative about myself or my ability's to learn but it is hard lately to feel confidant in my studies. It all comes back to what mattes most and figuring what that is.


Teachinfourth said...

It is so true...to find out what is the most important thing to us and then focus on that particular thing.

I hope you find your windmill, Don Quixote.

Cami Jo said...

Good luck. No answers here. I'll ask James though. He seems to do good at that.

Okay- so I gotta tell ya. It was like a riddle trying to figure out who you were, after commenting on my blog. I have a cousin named "Rich", but as I read more about your blog....(Father of 2 and one on the way) I had to rule him out. Anyway- it took quite the process of elimination, but I finally figured it out. Glad to know it's you.