Thursday, March 8, 2007


I have had my first grrr moment with my laptop. For back ground I purchased it from my work through a raffle auction for 10 dollars. Its a pentium II and slow but on top of that the battier only last 2 hours at the most so I half to have it plugged in all the time or it will shut off for no reason. well this afternoon I had a very long post I was typing and I didn't notice that the power cord was not fully attached. Well my d.d. were playing their favorite game which is dad just sat down must do something to get him up. Well I had just finished with the latest round and sat back down to finish typing my post when my computer shut down erasing the post :-0. When I brought it back up to see if it saved where I was at only to find it erased and gone forever :-(. Talk about discouraging it took me all evening to wright something and why not about this. O well better luck next time i guess.


Kara said...

That really stinks! My boys have turned off my computer in the middle of a post :P

Michelle said...

I'm sorry, that really bites! We need to upgrade your computer. It needs so much love.