Saturday, March 31, 2007

Having Fun

In case you were wondering about the new pictures that are on my blog, let me tell you a littel about them. A few posts back I put up some links to some movies that are coming out this summer. Well I have this fascination with Transformers ever since I was young and I loved this cartoon show. My absolute favorite character from this show is the leader of the Autobots(the good guys), his name is Optimus Prime. The top picture is what he will look like in the new movie he looks cool however, I personally like the way he looked when I was younger. O well, I still will go see the movie even though they changed the way he looks. The Next picture is what he looked like back in the old days. In the bottem picture Optimus Prime is carring the leader of the female autobots Elita One.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

You and your Transformers. You're so cute. Optimus Prime should so hook up with Elita One.