Saturday, March 10, 2007


Yesterday when we were at Wal-mart my d.d. wanted to go to the play room so we did. However she was to scared to ride on any of the rides so we found a crane game with stuffed animal. So I tried to get a prize. On the first try I almost won a white stuffed bear but at the last second it fell down half hanging over the prize shoot. Of course I could not give up with my prize so close to falling into the shoot. So I tried one more time and lo and behold not only one prize but two This was the first time that I have ever won from this type of game and on top of that I got two prizes! Then latter that day at work I found out that I had won the prize drawing they were having. What a day.


Kara said...

WOOHOO! That's cool! I have never won those claw game things, good job!

Michelle said...

You were incredible! It was so exciting to see you win both toys. Then the basket from work, which was really nice! We don't usually win anything, it's been fun. :D