Wednesday, July 4, 2007


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My time off has been very nice my wife and I have been trying to finish a PlayStation game called kingdom hearts it is a combination between Final Fantasy and Walt Disney. It is very fun but in order to see all of the secret videos when you finish the game it requires you to complete a lot of Minny games and side quest. That is what we are trying to do and all we have left is one boss fight against Sephiroth the hardest person to defeat in the game even more difficult than the end boss.
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The main character is Sora and through out the game he is accompanied by Donald and Goofy in almost everything there are a couple of times that you are left alone to fight. If you would like to see the end of the game you can see it here the first part is the secret part for the first game called deep dive, and the next one is for the second one. hope you enjoy them

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Michelle said...

I think YOU should beat Sephiroth. He'd probably kill me instantly. lol I'll wish you luck though! :D