Thursday, July 12, 2007


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Well if you know me you would come to find out that I have this thing about myself that my wife calls it being a pack rat( she might be right of coarse). However, I would like to clarify what really happens (this goes for most of my stuff but not all of it) when someone or something happens that I like or care for I attach some sentimental value to it and I'm a very sentimental kind of person. This has led to a collection of odd stuff for example rocks, pens, key chains, my old mission letters and pictures, and a variety of nuts and bolts. Now I really have a weakness for pens I for some reason think that they are really neat and I can not get enough of them. If you do not believe me all one has to do is look at my pen holder it is bursting with writing utensils and I have some more stored away in the desk drawer. To top it off I have picked up several free pens with the name of the company that is giving them away printed on it. I have some from as fare away as Mexico one has a had woven covering with my name woven into the design. Out of all of these there is one that has been my prised possession it was given to my on fathers day last year by my sweat wife. I do half to admit that when my wife presented me with it as a gift I was a little let down, she had been going on about how she got a tool for me so naturally I was thinking along the lines of a hammer not a pen. It took a little while before I could say thank you and I could tell that my reaction to it just crushed my wife that is something that I'm very sorry about. She told me how she had the hardest time thinking of anything to get for me and how a someone tolled her about this pen and how she knew that I liked pens so she thought it would be a perfect gift for me and she was right. This pen is simply amazing it is called the Fisher space pen and can do the most amazing things like wright in zero gravity, under water, and at any angle they are the official pen that NASA uses in space. So you can imagine that a pen like that would be expensive the one my wife got for me was 30 dollars and there are ones that go for more than 150 dollars. Well about three+ months ago it disappeared and I could not find it anywhere and the last place I remember putting it was in my pant pocket. Well just today it was found stuck in the drain pipe for the washer. Need less to say it was very badly beat up, the outer case is all dented and crushed in places and the cap has a hole caused by rust right were the tip is. What is truly amazing is the after three+ months of being stuck in the drain pipe it still works it is nothing to look at but it still works. However, I'm very upset that I was so care less with it and that it ended up all mangled. I intend to keep it as a reminder to me to always treat those things that I value most in my life like my family and especially my wife differently from ordinary things.

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Michelle said...

I really liked what you said. Thank you.

I love you.