Wednesday, July 18, 2007


when I have been surfing the web recently I found some amazing things one of them is this site that is giving away $500 dollars worth of electronics such as a PS3, Xbox360, etc. Now the PS3 is something that I have wanted ever sense they came out but I could not afford to get one. But now I have a chance to win one and you can too, all you half to do is copy this message or you can put it in your own words then just post it in your blog.
“Over at they must have the coolest web hosting provider in the pasture. These guys are having a cowpetition and are giving away a $500 prize! Here’s your chance to win a Playstation3,or an Xbox360, a Nintendo Wii, an iPhone .. you name it, they’ll pay it! Don’t miss out and check out their mad cow blog!”
So what are you waiting for check them out!

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Michelle said...

Good luck! I know you've wanted one and this would be great to get one for free. :D