Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Hobby

This last summer I picked up a new hobby one that can become very expensive.  I have discovered that I love to golf or at least pretend to golf.  It all started when one of my good friends invited me to join him and another friend for a game of golf.  Well I have played the game before and without much luck or enthusiasm to ever try again.  however I was persuaded to go one more time and found out that I really enjoyed it.  Especially when we reached the last hole where the green was specked with yellow autumn leafs.  If you know me I really enjoy the fall colors and weather.  Well after that game I was hooked and wanted to go again. So a few days later I went out an purchased my own set of clubs.  Now I have gone several times to the golf course and to the driving range and I'm improving every time that I go.  I even find myself wanting to go and hit a bucket of ball to relieve my pent up stress.  This is what my clubs look like.

dunlop clubs

dunlop golf clubs



Leah said...

Now I would have to agree it is an expensive hobby! Man can't you two find something cheeper to do together! jk. Well I am glad you are having fun with it! Ryan has loved having someone to golf with.

rode a merry crab said...

The Andrus' are going to LOVE this!
Scott is on the highschool team this year!