Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Car

Over the weekend My wife and I decided to go and check out our local auction and if we could purchase a second car.  Well our first two choices of cars went way over our spending limit.  However our third choice did not and we were able to purchase it.


This is what our new car is.  If you can not tell it is a Mitsubishi Eclipse.  It has been a very great blessing to finely have two vehicles we now can get earns done while the other is at school or work.  Plus it is very fun to drive. ;-)


Kara said...

Michelle was telling me about it. I know it is so nice to have a second car and must make it easier for you guys with school :) Plus it looks like a fun car

rode a merry crab said...

yeah...that's great Richie! Is it that same color too?

Michelle said...

It has been a blessing. Pure miracle that we won by only $100! Although the only downside is that we're pretty tall and the car is pretty short. So when I sit in it, I can feel the roof of the car lol!

Yes Rhoda, it's the same color. :)

Leah said...

spiffy! Now your wife can come visit me more often! jk