Wednesday, October 29, 2008


For our anniversary M and I gave each other the books that we have been wanting for awhile.  M's book is "Inside every woman" and mine is "Brisingr" along with the preceding two books.  Latter that evening we went to a trunk or treat in our old ward.  All of our neighbors are in that ward while M and I are in a different ward of our choosing.  The event was enjoyable and entertaining.  Plus the girls were having a ball playing games and receiving candy.  The girls, M, and I had a great time.  For our family costume we decided to go as a set of Lego's.  We used cardboard boxes and plastic cups that we spray painted.  To attach the cups we cut out holes, in the front of the box, that were just smaller than the cup so we could insert the cups snugly.  I was the blue Lego M was the red Lego J was the purple Lego and A was the pink Lego.


When we came home we decided to use our circular cutouts to "spot" our neighbors door.  Before we had a chance to take a snapshot of our handy work we were interrupted by a car screeching to a halt right out front of our house.  For about ten seconds all I could see was clouds of blue smoke wafting into the head light beams of the car.  M on the other hand saw the whole thing happen the little girl wanting her mommy then running out into the street after her only to be hit by the car.  I have never been so close to an accident like that before M took off running to the girl almost instantly while I stood in unbelief not completely knowing what had just happened.  Luckily the little girls was not injured even though she was knocked down. Needless to say we ended our anniversary on a very sobering note.  We did get a picture of the door though and had a little fun with our neighbors before the day was over.  The note says "You've been spotted!"  DSCF2540

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Kara said...

I'm glad the little girl was ok, how scary!!!

Cute costume idea :D