Friday, October 3, 2008

Great Deals for Collage Students

Just this semester I learned about some great deals for collage students that I feel like I should pass along.  First off I have a Computer Information class and as part of the classes home page is this link.  It is a deal that Microsoft puts on for collage students.  You half to be a student with 0.5 credits and have a valid edu email address.  The deal is you can purchase the 700.00 dollar office suite which includes everything that Microsoft has made for the price of 59.95 dollars.  The site is called "The Ultimate Steal" and not only does it give collage students this great deal on office 2007 but several other deals on other software.  I will  post any other deals I come across and if you know of one and want to share the tip to other then just reply to this post and leave a link to the sight.

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