Friday, October 17, 2008


Yesterday I had a presentation due in my biology lab.  My group decided to find information on amphibians to present.  Well I was chosen to create the power point while everyone else would send me the important points of there parts.  Well It did not turn out that way.  What happened was one person sent me information that I could not open because it was corrupt.  The second one sent me information but not in the format that would have helped me make the presentation.  So not only did I have to create the power point but I had to sift through all the information and find the key points to present.  I did not mind much until I realized that I had forgotten and missed the dead line for an online quiz because I was spending so much time on the presentation.  Then I was not very happy good thing that my grad could take the hit and not be effected by it too much.  But it was not only my quiz that I missed but study time for a math test.  My math class is one that I'm struggling in and I know that it is my fault for letting it go and not worrying about it.  It just never seem like there is enough time in the day for everything that I need to do.  Lately it feels like I start something and the next minuet it is 1 a.m. and I'm no were near being done or understanding what I'm studding.  I think that I have a learning block or something I just can not grasp things very quickly and it is not limited to math and biology but every class that I have taken (minus the P.E. ones) have turned out that way.  Questions that I should know the answer to I draw a complete blank even if we just went over the answer five seconds ago.  What could help me remember? 

 Why can't I remember?  That are the question I keep trying to find an answer to.

Here is a picture of an amphibian that I did my presentation on it is called a caecilian

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