Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Fun

Even though the Autumn season started a wile ago It was not until yesterday that our tree out front started to drop it's leafs.  Our sidewalk, grass, and car was covered in a thick layer of leafs.  We decides to take advantage of the new fallen leafs by gartering them up into a large pile and jump in them.  M and I have never played like this in the leafs so what a perfect time to start and share what we missed out on growing up and make sure that our girls have a good memories.  We jumped in piles of leaf tossed had full of leafs into the air and took lots of pictures.  It turned out to be a good opportunity to grow closer as a family.    

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Leah said...

I love playing in the leaves! We did this at my moms house a couple of weeks ago the girls loved it!